Creativity and knowledge through Play and the Arts
Waldorf education (Rudolf Steiner Schools), inspired by Anthroposophy, is the main theme in our activities during the culture year
Stockholm Cultur Capital of Europe 1998
We shall concentrate our work to the middle of May 1998.

Through these days we will show the creativity and joy that pupils, teachers, parents and friends have. The three biggest Waldorf Schools in Stockholm, Kristoffer School, Ellen Key School and Martin School, are responsible for much of the project.

Previous experience of many exhibitions has shown that our strong tradition in music, dance, handicraft and theatre is very popular in international circles.

The activities take place at the Wasa Hall in the Djurgården park in central Stockholm. The sailing ship S/Y Ellen is moored just outside the Wasa Hall.

Flowers in the grass.

Photo © Arthur Ross 16 maj 1998

Water stairs for play.

Sculpting in stone.

Water color on wet papper.

S/Y Ellen.


Pupils drawings.

Ceramic sculptur by pupils.

Pupils handicraft.
Knitting, water color drawings, form drawing and many visiters